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Staff Photos

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This page shows about 15 of the
approximately 24 VOLUNTEERS
who comprise the SeniorNet staff.

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SeniorNet Council (12/19/07)
Left to Right: Frank Morse Member, Jane Kline Secretary, Rudy Wacek Member, George Gedon Vice Chairperson, Art Kline Chairperson, Deb Damaska Registrar, Maria Gustafson Treasurer, Karl Facey past Treasurer & Auditor

We regret to report that Vice-Chairman George Gedon
passed away on March 12, 2008 (obituary), and that Chairman Art Kline passed away on March 7, 2009 (obituary).

== 1/16/08 General Meeting

SeniorNet Officers (1/16/08 )
Sitting: Jane Kline Secretary,
Maria Gustafson Treasurer,
Standing: George Gedon Vice Chairperson,
Art Kline Chairperson

(1/16/08) Newsletter Editor Margie Shaw,
Treasurer Maria Gustafson,
Registrar Deb Damaska

Registrar Deb Damaska (1/16/08)

== 1/22/08 Coaches/Instr. Meeting

Instructors & Coaches (1/22/08)
Left to Right: Christine Smith, Maria Gustafson(Meeting Facilitator), Margie Shaw, Dennis Yohe, Marie Compton, Art Kline, Jeannie Rombach, Jane Kline, Dottie Kotch, Betty Rhone

(duplicate, unused staff photos)


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