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Class Descriptions:

A. Cost
  • The cost for a 6-week session of classes is $25. This $25 charge goes to the local SeniorNet, and helps to defray the cost of computers, printing manuals, advertising, postage, and other SeniorNet operating expenses.
  • Repeating Classes:  The cost to repeat a class is only $12.50. Members are encouraged to repeat classes as often as they like.
  • Membership: You need to be a current member of SeniorNet to take the classes.    Initial memberships are $40 and renewal memberships are $30 each.  Husband and wife membership is $60 for both people.
B. Class Descriptions

#1. Computer Fundamentals - Beginner Level 1
  • This class focuses on the fun in fundamentals. Beginning students learn how a computer operates, how to organize the desktop and how to create files. They also learn about the use of the mouse and keyboard with exercises using Word and Paint.
  • Windows 7 operating system

#2. Introduction to Computers - Beginner Level 2

  • An introductory course in developing a basic understanding of the Windows 7 operating system, WordPad 2007, Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Live Mail.
  • Students will learn basic word processing skills including creating, editing using cut and paste features, inserting clip art and printing documents. The importance of managing computer files and folders will be stressed.
  • Windows 7 operating system 
#3. Digital Photo Editing using Picasa
  • Students will use Picasa software to edit and organize digital photographs.
#4. Fun with Graphics
  • Fun with Word and Paint, covers creative projects such as making greeting cards, scrapbook pages, and adding pictures and photos to documents.
#5. Introduction to the Internet
  • Students will learn basic web searching skills including using web based e-mail and test drive popular search engines. They will also explore chat rooms where other seniors are online as a forum to discuss senior issues or a way to meet new people with similar interests.
#6. Introduction to Email/Computer Maintenance
  • This course will present the basics of Email use. Actual Yahoo and SeniorNet email accounts will be set up and used during the course. Since these accounts are username and password protected, you will be able to use your created accounts on your home computer. Various features of each provider will be tried. This course will also include a review of computer maintenance procedures.
#7. Introduction to Word Processing
  • Prerequisite is completion of a beginners level class.
  • Students will learn word processing skills including creating, editing and printing documents. They will explore inserting and deleting text, cutting and pasting text, file management, font specifications, etc.
  • Windows 7 operating system and Word 2007
#8. Computer Solutions
  • Here's the answer to all those computer tasks that have been eluding you.  One of our instructions is offering 4 two-hour sessions that will be customized for your questions and things you are having trouble with.
  • A sample of topics that have been requested includes:  setting up an appointment calendar, saving files to a flash drive or CD, using tabs and columns and practicing some class topics that you'd like to go over again.
  • Costs for the 4 sessions will be $20.
#9. Intro to the iPad
  • This is a class for new iPad users.  It will cover gestures for controlling the device, how to use the included apps, communicating with others, downloading and installing apps and MORE.
  • Students should have an iPad to bring to class.

C. Special Classes

#S21. Photoshop Elements
  • Digital Photo Editing using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0.
  • This course requires extensive computer knowledge.
#S22. Excel
  • Prerequisite is completion of a beginners level class
  • Students will learn skills associated with creating and editing spreadsheets.
#S23. Genealogy . . . (offered intermittently only when an instructor is available)
  • This class will include finding genealogy information on the internet, and from other sources available through the Library, and organizing this information using genealogy software.
  • Prerequisite is completion of a beginners level class.
 #S24. Macintosh Fundamentals Workshop
    • This workshop covers the fundamentals of operating the Apple Macintosh computer.
    • For those who have laptops, this is a "hands on" session for you.
    • Those who don't have laptops, may still attend and can still watch the instructor's demonstration on the overhead projector.
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