1. - Stores w/SeniorNet Brochure Holders

These local stores are kind enough to allow us to use their "prime counter space" to display our SeniorNet brochure holders -- containing our SeniorNet brochures((In contrast, the "big box" stores (Best Buy, Staples, Sears, etc) allow us to display absolutely NOTHING.))                 

Therefore, we ask you visit these stores whenever possible, to "return the favor".

A. List Of Stores w/SeniorNet Brochures (in alphabetical order)
  1. Compu-Gen, 515 W. Fourth St, 323-8324, Andrew Borgess
  2. Computer Connections, 1204 River Ave, 321-7333, Mike Jensen
  3. Computer Co-op, 1429 W Southern Ave SW, 327-1023, Fran Graham, Mike Bower tech, Bobbi Tubbs
  4. Leading Electronics, 673 East Third, 323-5095, Bryce Derr
  5. Lyco Micro, 2035 Lycoming Creek Rd, 327-5374, Jesse, owner Jeff Davis
  6. Micro-One Computer Center, 1417 East Third, 321-5700, Tom Schrimp
  7. Susquehanna Computer Innovations, 280 Kane Street SW, 323-0089, Zach Fox, Tim Heitzman

Brochure holder details on reference website Page R5

B. Photos of Stores

Following are photos of the 7 stores, showing
(a) an exterior photo, and
(b) a 2nd interior photo of the location where they display our brochure.


#1. Compu-Gen

515 W Fourth St



Salesperson Andrew Borgess.

Note SeniorNet brochure rack on counter.

#2. Computer Connections

1204 River Ave


Owner Mike Jensen.

Note SeniorNet brochure rack, on lower right under lamp.

fyi:  He does free training for his customers ONLY, every 2nd Saturday.


#3. Computer Co-op

1429 W Southern Ave, South Williamsport



Technician Mike Bower.

Note SeniorNet brochure rack in Mike's hand.

#4. Leading Electronics

673 East Third St.



This store handles and repairs both PC's and Macintosh computers.

Owner Bryce Derr.

Note SeniorNet brochure in top row of brochure rack on left (under the "NEC" sign).

#5. Lyco Micro

2035 Lycoming Creek Rd



Salesperson Jesse.

Note SeniorNet brochures in right brochure rack.

#6. Micro-One Computer Center

1417 East Third St.



Salesperson Tom Schrimp.

Note SeniorNet brochure rack, just to the left of Tom's elbow.

#7. Susquehanna Computer Innovations

280 Kane Street, South Williamsport



Technician Zach Fox.

Note SeniorNet brochure rack, underneath the plant.

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