## OLD 6/2009 10 Video Overviews

  In these videos, the instructors give an overview of what's covered in the class.
These YouTube videos require a Broadband (high-speed) connection to play them, but they do not require any special software.

5 minutes, by Instructor Coordinator Maria Gustafson, Vice-Chairman George Gedon, & Chairman Art Kline

  • We regret to report that Vice-Chairman George Gedon
    passed away on March 12, 2008 (obituary), and that Chairman Art Kline passed away on March 7, 2009 (obituary).

Video #2 - Computer Fundamentals

3 minutes, by Council Secretary Jane Kline

Video #3 - Graphics I - Digital Photo Editing

2 minutes, by Instructor Margie Shaw

Video #4 - Graphics II - Word & Paint for Graphics Projects

2 minutes, by Instructor Margie Shaw

Video #5 - Internet Class
3 minutes, by Instructor Rudy Wacek

Video #6 - Applications (future)

Video #7 - Build An Easy, Inexpensive Web Page
Part 1/4, 9 minutes, by Webmaster James Ingram
NOTE: This is NOT a SeniorNet course video.
It overviews the process of how we made the 'SusquehannaSeniorNet.org' website, using a blog and forwarding domain name, at a cost of about $9/year.