## OLD G2, New Users With Macs (mv'd to Mac site)

Unfortunately, Susquehanna SeniorNet currently does not support the Macintosh platform. However, following below are some resources for new Macintosh users.

1. Cpamu.com - Central Pa Mac Users website

2. Cpamu Email Discussion Group -
  • 'Cpamu' is short for 'C'entral 'Pa' 'M'ac 'U'sers.
  • There's a Yahoo Group Cpamu Mac email discussion list - details on Cpamu.com website, Para #6.
  • Use Apple Mail, set up a separate mail folder named 'cpamu', and create a "rule" to automatically file messages in 'cpamu' folder. Do this to prevent all the messages from cluttering up your inbox. Get someone to help you with this if necessary.

3. Mac SeniorNet Networking

  • There are currently about a half-dozen Susquehanna SeniorNet members using Macs. Send your name/email/phone to James Ingram, and we can put you in touch with these people.

4. Local Williamsport Mac Meetup group -

Meets every 2nd Wed at Coffee & Tea room - details on Cpamu.com website, Para #7. Announcements are sent on the 'Cpamu' email discussion list mentioned in previous paragraph.

5. Consider installing Windows XP

  • Consider installing Windows XP on your Mac (assuming it's an "Intel Mac"), so you can take the Susquehanna SeniorNet "Fundamentals of Computing" class. I'm guessing 95% of the material is applicable to the Mac, like how to work the mouse, move Windows around on the screen, how memory works, etc. It should give you a good overview of how a computer works, be it a Mac or a PC.
  • If you can, get XP, not Vista. Vista is reportedly a real "clunker".
  • And once you use a PC for a while, you'll really appreciate your Mac. Unfortunately, nearest real Mac classes are at the nearest Apple store down near Allentown -- see Para. 8 below.

6. Mac Tutors

7. Books

  • Books To Consider, at Dummies.com, Amazon.com, & MissingManuals.com. Get the version that matches your particular operating system.

View the Table of Contents of the Missing Manual HERE
(this link goes to the Susquehanna SeniorNet "archives" website).

Apple Online Guides

9. Apple Classes

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